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I am a business coach and I help leaders and business owners make money or save money by improving their leadership and communications skills.

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If you’ve found my website, chances are you’re already a leader and you’re looking for inspiration, resources, help or a like-minded community.

You’re probably wondering if you’re ‘doing it right’ and you doubt yourself often. You probably think everyone else seems to look like they know what they’re doing and you feel like you’re making it up as you go along.

For most of my working life, people have come to me for advice on managing people, projects and difficult situations, so I decided to pull all my knowledge together and create something that people like you would find useful. The secret is, there is no secret. People are looking to you to lead as they obviously think you are capable. You can read a stack of leadership books and they will help, but in my experience, you need to be able to think on your feet, keep a cool head, step up and take charge. You’ve probably been doing that since you were a child anyway (email me and let me know if I’m right!)
The other thing you need to be able to do is treat people well, always. Lead with heart, empathy and compassion because people are our most precious asset. You don’t always have to be perfect but you do always have to be authentic and true to your own values. If not, people will soon spot it and you will damage your reputation, another precious asset. If you think I can be of service to you, drop me a line and we’ll see where your journey is leading you next.

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The Story

Meet your Coach Amanda Jane

Hi there, I’m Amanda Jane, a seasoned communications expert with nearly two decades of rich experience and a qualified, passionate coach.

Welcome to my world of leadership empowerment. My journey into coaching was sparked by a profound realization – the transformative impact of coaching that turned my own challenges into opportunities for growth.

Having navigated the corporate landscape for nearly two decades as a communications professional, I bring a unique blend of real-world experience and coaching expertise. Witnessing the positive effects of great leadership and driven by a passion for equality, I advocate for communications and leadership excellence. 

My coaching philosophy is built on authenticity, integrity, and the unwavering belief that everyone deserves access to opportunities. Join me on this empowering journey, and let’s unlock the greatness within you.

Why Working With Me Guarantees You The Results You Need With E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.

Empowering Leaders

Experience specialized coaching tailored to empower those in leadership roles. Addressing unique challenges with empathy and authenticity, my approach fosters personal and professional growth.

Mastery in Communication

With nearly two decades of communication expertise, I can equip you with the tools to articulate ideas, navigate challenges, and communicate with precision in both corporate and business leadership contexts.

Proven Transformation

My personal journey of transformation through coaching serves as a testament to the impactful results you can achieve. Trust that I understand your challenges and possess the tools to guide you toward significant personal and professional growth.

Advocate for Equality

Step into a coaching environment rooted in my values such as integrity, equality, and empowerment. Here, you are not just supported but valued and empowered to thrive in your leadership role.

Tangible Real-World Insights

Benefit from my dual experience as a seasoned communications professional and a qualified coach. This powerful combination ensures a practical blend of real-world insight and coaching expertise, providing tangible strategies for success.

Holistic and Strategic Leadership Philosophy

Embrace a coaching philosophy that emphasizes holistic and strategic leadership, decision-making as well as goal achievement. Gain a roadmap not only to overcome obstacles but to strategically advance your leadership journey with purpose.

Your Dedicated Advocate

Working with me means more than coaching; it means gaining a dedicated advocate, a seasoned professional, and a transformational coach committed to helping women lead confidently, communicate effectively, and achieve their goals in both corporate and business settings.

Passion For Profits – Ready To Make More Money?

Communication Skills  Good Communicators Sell More

Get the basics right and you’ll never miss an opportunity again! This coaching program will equip you with tailored communication strategies that you can rely on, time and time again. Your confidence will soar and with me as your mentor, you will be amazed at the progess you’ll make.

Get Organised – Save Time, Save Money

You can save hours per week by just making a few simple adjustments to your working life and implementing simple, free systems. This popular coaching program has made such an impact in the lives of so many people. I am very organised and I can teach you my very simple strategy that will pay for itself in no time!

Imposter Syndrome Is Costing You Money

Imposter syndrome is the most common demon that clients come to me with and it can be beaten. With proven strategies and simple, yet effective steps, you can learn to overcome imposter syndrome so it stops getting in your way. I know this because I have beaten it! Stop letting it cost you money!


One To One Leadership Improvement Coaching Programs

Leadership Accelerator Program

A results-driven one to one coaching program for leaders seeking rapid growth and impact. The Leadership Accelerator Program combines intensive coaching sessions with goal-setting, action planning, and accountability. Clients experience accelerated personal and professional development, achieving leadership milestones within a defined timeframe.

Leadership Resilience Coaching

Specifically designed for leaders facing adversity or navigating significant changes, this one to one coaching program emphasises building resilience. Sessions address overcoming setbacks, managing stress, and maintaining peak performance during challenging times. Clients develop strategies to bounce back from setbacks and thrive in their leadership roles.

Leadership Power Hour

One-hour individual coaching consultations for leaders seeking targeted guidance on specific challenges or opportunities. The Leadership Power Hour provides a focused and efficient solution, allowing clients to address immediate concerns, receive personalised advice, and gain clarity on their leadership path.


Maximise Your Revenue by Developing Your Team

Leadership isn’t just about guiding your team; it’s about unlocking their full potential. When your team feels inspired and motivated, they deliver exceptional results, driving productivity and boosting your bottom line.

Fostering a culture of innovation is the key to growth. By encouraging ideas and embracing risks, we ignite creativity that leads to groundbreaking products and services, giving us a competitive edge and driving revenue growth and maximizing our financial performance.

By prioritizing the growth and well-being of our team, we reduce turnover, save on recruitment costs, and ensure they remain valued,  strong and motivated.

Customer satisfaction is our life blood. By delivering exceptional experiences, we cultivate loyalty, drive repeat business, and fuel our growth.

With great leadership, we create a resilient, adaptable, and profitable business. By nurturing our team, driving innovation, making strategic decisions, and optimizing operations, we thrive in today’s competitive market.

Behind every great leader lies robust support, unshakeable self-confidence and strategies for success. That’s where we come in.


Bring Your Vision To Life

Amanda Jane is here to help you transform those moments of self-doubt into opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

Our leadership coaching programs are tailored to help you harness your inner strength, to see that what you perceive as inadequacy is actually a testament to your remarkable capabilities. Together, we will embark on a journey that not only builds resilience, but also reignites the confidence and conviction within you to be the best leader you can be.

Our hands-on leadership coaching programs build foundational skills, dismantle workplace hurdles, and prepare you for continued success in your career and your business.

When Your Mentor Believes In You, You Will Not Fail

Over the years, I’ve noticed that when someone knows you believe in them, they work harder, smarter and never give up. How amazing is that? All we need is someone to believe in us. If you’ve come this far on my website, I believe in you 100%! In the changing corporate landscape, the challenges you face as a leader can be daunting. Your journey doesn’t just require skill, but also heart, adaptability and someone who gets it.

Amanda Jane’s leadership coaching programs are crafted with empathy and insight, designed to nurture your leadership growth and help you navigate the corporate world with confidence and grace.

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The Leadership Academy Membership

In 3 Easy Steps

refresh your leadership skills, stay ahead of the game


You will begin with evaluating foundational aspects such as:

Leadership Fundamentals

Decision-making & Problem Solving

Time Management

Networking and Relationship Building

Diversity & Inclusion



You will then focus on evolving interpersonal and managerial skills:

Communication Skills

Motivation & Inspiration

Performance Management

Global Leadership

Team Building

Change Management



You will refine your skills as an empowering, strategic and self-aware leader: 

Strategic Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Ethical Leadership

Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Development

Crisis Management

Innovation and Creativity

Resilience and Stress Management 

Self-awareness & Reflection

Money Back Guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes absolutely! We swear by our training, so much so we offer a 7-Day no-questions-asked money-back-guarantee.

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