Meet Amanda Jane, Your Communication Coach

Hi there, I’m Amanda Jane, a seasoned communications expert with nearly two decades of rich experience and a qualified, passionate coach.

I quickly realized when I was younger that poor communication was often the root cause of many problems in the workplace. It wasn’t about the people or the product—it was all about how we communicated.

When I was studying in France, I had this lightbulb moment. Despite being smart (if I do say so myself), my less-than-perfect French made me feel like I wasn’t being taken seriously. It made me realize how important clear communication is, regardless of language.

I’ve always been fascinated by body language too. You know, how sometimes what people say and what their body does don’t match up? It’s like a whole other layer of communication that is endlessly fascinating to me.

I’ve been working in communications for almost twenty years so I’ve learned a few things. Everyone has a preference of how they like to be communicated with but they may not be consciously aware of this. Some people prefer a chat, others want everything written down, and some are all about visuals. So, I make it my mission to figure out how each person likes to be communicated with before diving into any conversation.

I had a client once who was really struggling with a course I was running. Turns out, it wasn’t the content—it was the way it was presented and she couldn’t do the self-study part. Together, we found a way to break it down into bite-sized pieces that she could actually focus on without getting distracted and it was a game-changer for her!

Helping her realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning was amazing. Seeing her confidence grow and knowing that I played a part in that was just incredible.

So now, I’m all about helping people feel confident in how they communicate. Whether it’s simplifying complex stuff or finding creative ways to learn, I’m here to help you communicate with confidence, step by step.


My Values

At the heart of our ethos, integrity means fostering a culture of honesty, trust, and ethical practices that resonate with your core values.

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we ensure every voice is heard and valued, creating an environment where everyone’s journey is respected and celebrated.

We strive to ignite your inner strength, transforming challenges into growth opportunities, and inspiring confidence and resilience in every step you take.

Client Reflections

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